Can Vaping Help Me Quit Smoking?

Learn more about vaping and how it can help you quit smoking

Posted at 12:35pm on Wednesday, April 20th, 2022

By Alex Kotanko, Webmaster

“E-cigarettes could reduce smoking-related deaths by 21%” Source: The Effect of Tobacco Control Policies on US Smokeless Tobacco Use: A Structured Review. NICOTINE & TOBACCO RESEARCH, Volume 18, Issue 1, January 2016 David T. Levy, PhD, Darren Mays PhD, MPH, Raymond G. Boyle PhD, Jamie Tam MPH, Frank J. Chaloupka PhD 

“[Vaping is] the first genuinely new way of helping people stop smoking that has come along in decades. [It] has the potential to help half or more of all smokers get off cigarettes.” - Prof. John Britton, Epidemiologist & Director of the University of Nottingham Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies 

“Equating smoking cigarettes with inhaling e-cigarettes… is a huge disservice to public health. On the scale of potential harms, e-cigarettes aren’t even in the same ballpark as combustible cigarettes. They have the potential to save millions of lives…” - Joe Nocera, New York Times columnist 

While the FDA has not approved any vaping product for smoking cessation, there are many doctors, researchers, health care professionals, and journalists who strongly recommend vaping as a powerful means to help smokers quit, especially smokers who have been unable to quit using traditional methods (patches, gums, hypnosis, etc.).

One study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2019 of nearly 900 middle-age smokers concluded that vaping is nearly twice as effective at helping smokers quit over other smoking cessation aides. According to the study, after one year, 18 percent of e-cigarette users had stopped smoking while only 9.9 percent of participants were able to quit with the other cessation products.

Here at Tiki Island we have MANY customers who started vaping in order to quit smoking, and have been successful. We will tell you what we told them - the first step is to get educated on what vaping is, and what vaping isn't. There is a lot of contrary information about vaping in the media - before believing everything you read, consider the source of the information - are they primarily interest in the health of smokers, or might they be more interested in?

  • A sensational news story
  • Protecting Big Tobacco sales
  • Protecting tobacco tax revenue
  • Stopping teen vaping

While we 100% support efforts to stop teen vaping, here at Tiki Island we see teen vaping and adults turning to vaping to help with smoking cessation as two very different topics. For more information on vaping and smoking cessation, we recommend the following 6 videos: 

Vaporized: U.K. Government Promotes Vaping As Smoking Cessation Tool | CNBC

Switching from smoking to vaping | BBC HealthCheck UK Live

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What's Worse: Vaping or Smoking? | Prager University

How Smoking vs. Vaping Affects Your Lungs

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