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Q: Is vaping safe?

A: Vaping is perfectly safe! Today's vapes have all kinds of built-in securities to prevent damage to themselves or to the user. They won't overheat, the batteries will remain at safe voltages; you have no reason to be worried about using your vape, as they're safer than they've ever been.

  • Answered By Alex Kotanko, Webmaster
Q: Can I use my tank on another vape?

A: Yes! Almost every vape in existence uses the 510 Threading standard, which means that just about any tank should fit on just about any vape! You should have no issues using one tank across multiple mods, just be sure to set your wattage appropriately!

  • Answered By Alex Kotanko, Webmaster
Q: Does Tiki Island offer a warranty?

A: Yes! If you've got your receipt, and it's within 14 days of your purchase, we will warranty our products for any and all non-intentional damages. After our 14 day period, however, there is also often times a manufacturer's warranty. Be sure to get in contact with them if you have issues later on, as they'll often replace your device free of charge.

  • Answered By Big Kahuna, Owner
Q: What's the difference between salt nicotine and freebase nicotine?

A: The difference is mainly in the chemical structure that the nicotine takes within the e-liquid. For you, the user, it mostly affects the feel of the hit. Salt nicotine liquids tend to vape at a lower wattage with higher resistance coils, where freebase tends to be lower resistance, often sub-ohm, coils at higher wattages. In effect, salt nicotines produce a hit more similar to that of a cigarette, wile freebase is more of a smooth hit. Both have very excellent flavour, though!

  • Answered By Moonwell, Training

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